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Treadstone Advantages for Homebuyers

Becoming a premier local mortgage company in Michigan doesn’t happen overnight. We work hard to make your mortgage process smooth and stress-free. Treadstone offers a range of tools, services, and resources for home buyers that last far beyond the closing table.

I love working for Treadstone. It’s not just a job but a culture I get to be part of. Knowing that I’m helping those in my community while working with some of the best people in the industry is a game-changer.

Brittany Hyzba

Team Lead

We’re committed to being the best in the industry, while celebrating individual and team accomplishments. There’s a high degree of camaraderie at Treadstone and it’s encouraged to be your personal best in an effort to better the people around you and the team as a whole.

Brittany Hyzba

Team Lead

Explore the Best of Grand Rapids

From breweries and restaurants to axe throwing and outdoor movies, check out all that Grand Rapids has to offer.

Mission + Values

We’re on a mission to help people buy homes with less hassle and more enjoyment by developing genuine relationships, applying a team-based approach to customer care, and providing sound advice.


We see the glass half full. We have a can-do attitude. And we believe in smiling in person, on the phone, and via email.


We are a group of self-starters. We solve problems before they happen. And we’re always anticipating ways to be better.


We have pride and are dedicated to our work. We are constantly on a quest for knowledge. And we love to help people—plain and simple.


We keep ourselves accountable. We believe in working for the greater good. And we commit to doing the right thing—placing your interests above our own.


We work hard—and play harder. We celebrate victories big and small. And we make mortgage lending an exciting, memorable experience.

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Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

We’ve taken the time to curate guides for areas in Michigan. Check it out! See where to quench your thirst, fill a hungry stomach, or solve you (or your family’s) boredom. 

Treadstone's Loan Programs

Treadstone offers a wide variety of home loans. You’re welcome to read up below, or contact a Loan Officer (hint: they’re the expert!).

The Steps to Buying a Home

Traditionally, the very first step in the home buying process is determining one core question: how much home can you afford? This is where our Loan Officers come in—they can help you answer that question.

After determining your budget, it’s important to collect the documents for a mortgage application. A little organization goes a long way in the mortgage process!

Now it’s time to get pre-approved for your home loan! Treadstone’s pre-approval will set you up for success. The first step to getting one? Taking the time to apply with us!

Now that you have your pre-approval, you can start hunting for your future home! There are many incredible Realtors in Michigan. If you don’t already know an agent your Loan Officer can help connect you to a great one! We work with hundreds of Realtors each year, and can find one to match you perfectly.

Once you find a home you’re in love with and that fits your financial criteria, let your Loan Officer know! They can crunch the numbers and create a mortgage scenario for your newly found home so you get an idea what you’ll be paying each month. If everything checks out, you’ll want to act quickly!

Once you and the seller come to an agreement, it’s time to dive deep into your financing. You’ll be handed off to our loan processor to collect final loan documents (e.g. updated paystubs), acquire homeowners insurance, and more. Because time is of the essence, we’ll be in close contact (especially with our Tuesday Updates) to you home ASAP.

Right before closing, your Loan Officer’s team will give you the final set of instructions, which typically includes your final down payment and closing costs amount. Those funds are required for closing, and you can present that payment via cashier’s check or wire transfer. You’ll also schedule the closing with your Realtor to determine the time and place of closing.

Even after you close and move into your new home, we’re here for you. As a Grand Rapids mortgage lender, we invest in our clients and their futures by investing in tools, software, and educational opportunities to keep them at the forefront of the constantly evolving real estate market!

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Questions About Buying a Home?

We’re proud to focus exclusively on residential lending. In this niche, we’re able to provide a level of expertise and customer service that sets us apart from those who offer unrelated services. Our team is comprised of locals who are passionate about homeownership in the community, and we think you’ll notice the difference when you work with us!

Read more about what makes Treadstone one the best mortgage lenders in West Michigan.

Conventional mortgage loan investors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offer first-time home buyer loan programs, known as HomeReady and Home Possible respectively. There are income limits and credit requirements that need to be met to qualify. These programs offer more favorable interest rates, lower private mortgage insurance (PMI), and flexibility on the amount you can put down.

Similar to gas prices, mortgage rates fluctuate frequently. To get a general idea of today’s mortgage rates, below is a quick look at current rate trends! That said, these rates are not a direct quote, and you should expect your rate to differ from the ones listed below.

There are several mortgage programs in Michigan that require little-to-no down payments. Contact your Loan Officer to see what program fits your needs best.

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