Summer Projects to Increase your Home’s Value

Aislinn Teachout

It’s officially Summer in West Michigan! For homeowners, the warmer weather means it’s time to get outside and tackle the projects and repairs that were put off during the Winter. It’s also arguably the best time to invest in your home’s exterior, yard, and outdoor spaces. When done right, outdoor spaces can be a personal oasis that encourages you to spend more time outdoors and make the most of Summer!

If you want to take on a project but don’t know where to start, check out these Summer home improvement projects that add value to your home while enhancing your enjoyment of it!


Boost Your Curb Appeal

Summer is the best time to show off the curb appeal of your home, plus it adds significant value to your home. Ninety-four percent of agents say that buyers will pay more for a home with great curb appeal.


Sometimes all you need is a good power wash to revitalize the exterior of your home. It is relatively inexpensive, and the difference is night and day. Be sure to get your cement walkways and patio areas power washed while you’re at it.

New Paint

If your exterior needs more than a wash, consider revamping your exterior with a fresh paint job. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional for a few thousand dollars. New exterior paint can increase property values by 2-5%, so the cost may be well worth it. If you don’t want to stick with the existing color palette of your home, consider neutral colors like gray, dark blue, white, and beige. Whatever you choose, be sure to consider what color will serve your home, style, and landscaping well.

Add Wood Accents

Another great way to add curb appeal is by incorporating wood accents. Cedar shutters, railings, or a design feature with wood siding are great options to boost your homes curb appeal for a relatively low cost.

Modernize Accents

Updating or adding other exterior home accents are a simple and often cost-effective way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. New address numbers, a new door handle, sconces and light fixtures, and a new mailbox can all liven up your home’s façade.

Front Door Refresh

A fresh coat of paint after the winter does more than just freshen up your home’s curb appeal. It also protects your door from the elements. Consider painting your front door a fun color to contrast with the exterior of your home. If you opt to go with a new front door all together, it can help save on cooling costs!

Paver Walkways

Another great way to add some curb appeal and contribute to the livability of outdoor spaces is with paver walkways. This can be more cost-effective than pouring concrete, and it can be a quicker, more design-oriented alternative! Material options range from natural stones, concrete, and brick, so there are many options to choose from. Consider which type will compliment your home’s aesthetic and the function you desire.



Never underestimate the power of landscaping! It can be one of the most manageable and least expensive projects and can boost your home value by 28%. The best part about landscaping is that much of it can be done yourself! However, depending on what you want done and your budget requirements, you can also hire professionals.

Add Fresh Mulch

Simply adding fresh mulch to your garden and other landscaped areas has a 126% return of investment. Mulch helps your plants stay hydrated by minimizing evaporation, revitalizes your landscaping, and highlights your plants.


Adding flowers and plants to your yard can add character, dimension, and points of visual interest to your home. Window flower boxes, raised flower boxes, and flowerpots are all great options to decorate your walkways and porch.

Landscape for Privacy

When planning your landscaping, consider trying to incorporate privacy into your design. Especially if you live close to neighbors, strategically placed hedges and trees can increase the privacy of your outdoor spaces. Most of the costs are recouped when it comes time to sell.


Revamp Your Outdoor Living & Entertainment Spaces

Outdoor living has been increasingly desirable as homeowners look to extend their living spaces into the outdoors. Having an inviting outdoor area where you can spend time with friends and family is truly priceless!

Add a Fire Pit

In the Midwest, 59% of real estate agents say fire pits are the most popular and desirable outdoor feature for buyers in 2021. Whether you want to create your own or purchase one, there are plenty of cost-effective options either way. Be sure to check your community ordinances for specific requirements about residential fire pits.

Add Lighting

Something that is often overlooked in creating a cozy outdoor space is lighting. Consider lighting your walkways and landscaping to highlight your home’s exterior and enhance safety and security. Bistro lights, lanterns, and candles are great options to create warmth and ambiance to your backyard escape.

Create Comfort

To make your space somewhere both you and others are excited to be in, try to add comfort! A sofa, porch swing, hammock, and outdoor rugs are all simple ways to make your space cozier.


Depending on your needs, there are many Summer home improvement projects to enhance the livability of your yard while adding value to your home. Even if you aren’t looking to sell, being able to make a home truly yours and build equity in the meantime is one of the biggest benefits of homeownership!

Interested in using your home’s equity to help make your Summer patio dreams come true? To discuss cash-out refinance options connect with a Loan Officer or apply now!

Ninety-four percent of agents say that buyers will pay more for a home with great curb appeal.