Updater: All Your Moving Needs in One Place

Aislinn Teachout

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events and entails much more than just the physical act of moving. It’s the little things that make your new home livable that can easily be overlooked in the craziness of a move – especially for a new homeowner who may not have experience with all the intricacies. That’s where Updater comes in. When we discovered Updater, we instantly fell in love and knew it was a valuable tool we wanted to offer to our clients to make their moves just a little bit easier & more organized.

What is Updater?

Updater is a web app that streamlines the moving process and keeps you organized along the way. It creates a check list for you, keeps all your moving to-dos in one place, and helps you check tasks off your list! From the beginning, it lists just about every step in the moving process and guides you through them including logistics of the move and even gives you quotes for moving and related services. It makes moving less stressful and more manageable by laying everything out for you!

What Updater Can Help You Accomplish Without Leaving the Site:

  • Connect, set up, and transfer utilities
  • Compare prices of utilities & packages
  • Internet & TV
  • Electricity, Gas Water
  • Set up home insurance
  • Update your driver’s license
  • Update voter registration
  • Forward your mail to your new address
  • Rent a truck or reserve a mover
  • Trash or donate unwanted items
  • Purchase moving boxes
  • Create and check off personalized packing lists
  • Use a moving calculator to estimate and track costs
  • Ship your car to your new address

Updater can provide options for local services and other neighborhood information such as:

  • Handyman and home improvement services
  • Cleaning services (one-time or recurring)
  • Home automation setup
  • Home security system installation
  • Pest control services
  • Guides to the area
  • School zoning and registration information
  • Pet requirements and rules
  • Local transportation
  • Community handbooks
  • Neighborhood events and information

How to Access Updater:

Updater is completely free for users, but it does require an invitation from a Loan Officer, real estate agent, or property management company. We have partnered with Updater to provide this service for all our clients! Currently all Treadstone customers purchasing a home receive an email invitation to begin using Updater a few days before their scheduled close date.

Updater streamlines the moving process and keeps your move organized!