Top 6 Reasons NOT to Move to Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thinking about moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan? Well, you might want to reconsider!

Here are six terribly compelling reasons why living in Grand Rapids could be the worst decision you ever make (wink, wink).


Corewell Health Meijer Heart Center & Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids.

Access to World-Class Healthcare is Much Too Easy

Grand Rapids is home to one of the best children’s hospitals and some of the best medical centers in the region, including an expanded heart center and cancer treatment centers all within 15 minutes of downtown GR.

For those who don’t want easy access to top-notch pediatric care and state-of-the-art facilities for heart health, this isn’t the place for you. The medical facilities here are so advanced and accessible, that it could be overwhelming.


The Cost of Living is Suspiciously Low

The cost of living in Grand Rapids is about 10% lower than the national average.

Housing costs are particularly affordable, with houses and apartments being about 31% less expensive than the national average. This affordability might be off-putting for those used to higher living costs and might make you wonder why such a vibrant city is so reasonably priced. The local real estate professionals also know way too much about the Grand Rapids housing market.

You can also buy a home for just 3% down near downtown Grand Rapids, or 0% down in nearby suburbs. It’s suspiciously cheap!


Beachside at Grand Haven State Park.

Beaches are Too Close for Comfort

Grand Rapids is dangerously close to some of Michigan’s most beautiful beaches. Places like Grand Haven State Park and Holland State Park offer gorgeous lakeshore views just 30 miles from downtown Grand Rapids. When you’re on the Lake Michigan shoreline, you’ll waste entire afternoons building sandcastles with your loving family. How awful!

It’s perfect for those who love the sun and sand, but it’s too perfect for those who don’t. If you’re moving to Grand Rapids and dislike having fun, stay away from the beach.


The Local Airport is Not Universally Hated

The Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR) offers a hassle-free experience and direct flights to dozens of destinations. Its proximity — with a drive under 15-minute from most places in the city — makes traveling almost too convenient.

For those who prefer the long lines, angry travelers, and hustle and bustle of larger, more chaotic airports, Grand Rapids might not be for you.


Family biking in Traverse City, MI.

There’s Too Much to Do in Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan is a treasure trove of destinations and activities, all within easy reach. You have the Sleeping Bear Dunes, known for its extensive dunes and hiking trails, and Traverse City, famous for its annual Cherry Festival. The Upper Peninsula is much too large, and the historical charm of Mackinac Island is simply too much to handle.

This abundance of options can be overwhelming to some.


Local Philanthropists’ Generosity is Overwhelming

In West Michigan, there is an oversupply of generous non-profits, charities, and donors that are focused on improving the lives of local residents. Whether it be healthcare, education, housing, or food, the generosity of Grand Rapidians is never-ending.

Plus, if you get involved as a volunteer, you may end up giving too much of your time to help those in need. How terrible!


Making the Move to Grand Rapids

Why should you move to Grand Rapids? Despite these reasons not to move to Grand Rapids, many find it a fantastic place to call home.

If you’re considering a move here, Treadstone Funding can help! We’re a local mortgage lender with incredible knowledge on the area. With our team and their connections, transitioning to life in Grand Rapids can be a smooth and enjoyable experience — just like your time living here.

T his place just has too much to offer!