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Got Mortgage Experience?

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Calling all smart, independent thinkers: if you’re searching for a fulfilling career in a culture of excellence, look no further. At Treadstone, we’re passionate go-getters working to redefine the mortgage industry—while inserting good laughs and a good time. Although some of us are bookworms and some of us are fantasy footballers, together we’re a family that empowers each other to be better for our buyers and Realtors®. Even though our interests are different, our common passion remains the same: to help people buy homes they love.


So, if you’re ready to bring hustle and a little quirk, we promise a role that’s filled with a lot of fun. From educational assistance to monthly bonding activities, we guarantee a culture unlike any other. Interested? (You should be!) Go ahead and apply now or drop us a line to ask about future opportunities.

I love working for Treadstone. It’s not just a job but a culture I get to be part of. Knowing that I’m helping those in my community while working with some of the best people in the industry is a game-changer.

Brittany Hyzba

Team Lead

We’re committed to being the best in the industry, while celebrating individual and team accomplishments. There’s a high degree of camaraderie at Treadstone and it’s encouraged to be your personal best in an effort to better the people around you and the team as a whole.

Brittany Hyzba

Team Lead

Mortgage & Finance Careers at Treadstone

Check out our variety of positions below and see which position is best fit for you!

The Mortgage Underwriter is responsible for analyzing, evaluating, and verifying mortgage loan applications and documents, and evaluating loans based on investor guidelines for approval or denial.


This position is vital, as the Underwriters minimize the risk or loss to the company and ensure the loan file conforms to the proper guidelines, overlays, and investors. As part of the Underwriting department, Mortgage Underwriters will work closely with the Processing department, Compliance department, and the Post Close department. This is a remote position.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


• Underwrite, review, and recommend approvals or denials for conventional and government purchase and refinance loans that may include FHA, USDA Rural Development, MSHDA, VA, Bridge.

• Manage a pipeline of loans to meet production goals as set forth by management.

• Evaluate all submitted loan documentation (credit, income, assets, purchase agreement, appraisal, title work), ensuring that all documents and data are accurate and sufficient for the applicable loan program while also keeping an eye out for potential red flags.

• Approve or deny loans based on information provided, issuing loan conditions for additional information to make a credit decision and meet agency and regulatory guidelines.

• Responsible for ensuring file compliance prior to clearing it to close and maintaining compliance throughout the Underwriting process.

• Maintain a working knowledge of investor and agency guidelines.

• Meet each closing date as per the purchase agreement on each file.

• Stay up to date on Neighborhood Loans and Treadstone Funding policies and procedures.

• Assist in providing guidance to the loan processing staff on questions regarding various loan scenarios, documentation and guideline requirements, and specific conditions on mortgage files.


The Loan Processor is responsible for processing the loan from contract to closing, while acting as a liaison between the loan origination team, the Underwriter, the borrower(s), and the closing department.


The Loan Processor reviews all borrower information and documentation, with the foresight and knowledge of underwriting requirements. In addition, they review all underwriting conditions, request additional documentation from involved parties, submit, clear, and coordinate the loan for closing.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Review, manage and prioritize a pipeline of loans, based on closing date and lock expiration.

• Meet all closing dates.

• Communicate clearly with the borrower and Realtor, using the most effective medium to obtain additional information/documents and answer any questions or concerns throughout the whole process.

• Review and validate the 1003, credit, income, assets, property documents, and title for each loan file.

• Take initiative to investigate, research and solve any issues that may arise.

• Verify loan packages for accuracy, borrower signatures and anticipate underwriting conditions required for the loan.

• Submit loans to underwriting for approval and clear to close.

• Maintain confidentiality while processing loans and communicating with third parties.

• Review, address and complete all underwriting conditions.

• Submit a loan file to the closing department to request and approve closing disclosures.

• Provide final closing numbers to the borrower prior to their scheduled closing.

• Coordinate with the title company, Realtor, and borrower to schedule the closing date.

• Escalates issues when necessary to the LO, LOA, Processing Manager, or Operations Manager.

• Maintain a working knowledge of underwriting guidelines.

• Stay up to date on Neighborhood Loans and Treadstone Funding policies and procedures.

• Perform other tasks as assigned.

The Front End Set Up Specialist is responsible for inputting lead information and making a loan file for a Loan Officer/Loan Officer Assistant. They assist with entering borrower information, pulling credit reports, getting pricing, running DU, occasionally ordering appraisals and title work, organizing the loan file, and starting the disclosure process.


The Front End Set Up Specialist works cohesively with sales, providing administrative support and assistance with inputting and preparing loans.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Provide assistance and support to Loan Officers and Loan Officer Assistants.

• Work efficiently and accurately on all requests that come through, ensuring that a lead sheet does not sit longer than 24 hours at a maximum.

• Ensure that all needed and available information is input into the loan in Encompass, and all documents are saved to the Shared Drive.

• Pull credit reports, check pricing for loans, and run MI when ready.

• Communicate with the LO/LOA about all necessary loan information.

• Input Purchase Agreement information into Encompass and ensure that everything originally input is accurate.

• Ordering appraisals and title work correctly when needed.

• Ensure that fees are input correctly, and initiate the disclosure process on files with a Purchase Agreement.

• Escalates issues when necessary to the LO/LOA.

• Stay up to date on Neighborhood Loans and Treadstone Funding policies and procedures.

The Set Up Specialist is responsible for preparing a loan file for the processing department. They assist with ordering appraisals, ordering title work, entering and reviewing loan data, organizing the loan file, ordering third party verifications, and following up on orders throughout the process.


The Set Up Specialist works cohesively with sales and Loan Processors providing administrative support and assistance with processing loans.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • • Provide assistance and support to Loan Processors.
  • • Maintains the set up queue, along with other team members, to ensure that loan files do not sit for more than 48 hours before being picked up and worked on.
  • • Verify loan packages generated from sales for accuracy and borrower signatures.
  • • Organize and label all documents for the loan package in the electronic file.
  • • Ensure that all needed documents are uploaded to the loan file or have been requested (i.e., credit report, income documentation, asset documentation, title work, appraisals).
  • • Orders and follows up on VOE’s, HOI, appraisals, TRV’s, title work, loan payoffs, etc.
  • • Escalates issues when necessary to the Loan Processor or Set Up Manager.
  • • Ensures that the file is ready for processing before rolling it over to the processing queue.
  • • Completes a Set Up Checklist and maintains clear and efficient notes for the Loan Processor.
  • • Stay up to date on Neighborhood Loans and Treadstone Funding policies and procedures.
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A Loan Officer Assistant works in tandem with their Loan Officer and team throughout the loan process.

They assist with lead generation and maintaining a tracking database for the team, borrower qualification, taking applications, and will work with their Processor(s) to track down outstanding conditions and communicate updates throughout the process.


Loan Officer Assistant’s will work closely with borrowers, realtors, Set Up Specialists, Processing, and their Loan Officer. A license is required for this role.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Manage the team’s lead tracker and Jungo.

• Provide assistance to their Loan Officer and Processing team.

• Provide support on loan qualification scenarios and interpreting guidelines.

• Maintain a working knowledge of each conventional and government loan program, and the applicable guidelines.

• Make initial contact with borrowers and reply to/follow up with borrowers and agents in a timely manner, by phone or email.

• Guide borrowers through the loan application process.

• Update Encompass with validated information.

• Provide accurate information to all parties in the transaction.

• Request and review all required upfront documents.

• Make credit decisions and issue pre-approvals or game plans once supporting documents are received.

• Request initial rate locks.

• Request Disclosures.

• Follow up on upfront documents, making sure disclosures are acknowledged and signed.

• Complete accurate and detailed file notes for the Processing team.

• Attend all team meetings with up-to-date notes on all files in your pipeline.

• Review, manage, and prioritize the pipeline based on closing date and lock expiration.

The Mortgage Loan Closer is responsible for providing exceptional service when closing a transaction.

Ensuring that every file is within compliance regulations, preparing and reviewing all necessary closing

and funding documents related to all loan programs, delivering closing documents to settlement agents in advance, and communicating effectively with all parties involved in the transaction.

The Closer will work together with sales, underwriting, processing, compliance, and title companies. The Closer is the last set of eyes to review and validate all final information for each loan. This is a remote position.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Understand and follow all procedures relating to the job function.

• Comply with all state requirements.

• Maintain and manage a closing and funding pipeline.

• Monitor the Initial Closing Disclosure (ICD) queue to ensure loans are meeting the expected closing date.

• Ensure that all loans are within compliance at every stage throughout the closing process.

• Communicate and work together with Loan Processors throughout the closing process. Sending out the ICD to be approved, informing them of any compliance issues, requesting items needed to approve closing conditions, and having them approve final closing disclosures.

• Verify the accuracy of all essential information and documents (Vesting, HOI, title work, fees, etc.) needed with a closing submission.

• Prepare the Final Closing Disclosure by validating all fees and having continuous communication with the title company settlement agent to balance final numbers.

• Verify and order title company wire information.

• Work with Quality Control to ensure all deficiencies have been completed.

• Communicate with both internal staff as well as the settlement agent to resolve any closing issues in a timely manner.

• Review the file for any additional requirements that may be needed at close, ensure all underwriting conditions have been met, and complete all required fields in Encompass.

• Prepare the final loan closing package and ensure that it is received by the title company prior to closing.

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We typically respond personally to all inquiries within 3 business days to let you know if we intend to proceed with the interview process.

Better lace up your Jordan’s, the answer is yes. At Treadstone our culture is a big deal. We want to ensure that the people we hire are a great fit for us, and that we are a great fit for them. Our interview process reflects that. Successful applicants will go through 4 rounds of interviews before starting their first day:

-Phone Interview
-1st Interview (in person or zoom).
-2nd Interview (in person or zoom).
-3rd Interview to discuss salary/benefits/offer

Yes. We do lots of catered, vitamin-rich lunches and have a sunny rooftop deck to ensure that all of our employees can grow. Seriously though, we promote from within and employees who start in our entry-level roles have over 8 opportunities for growth in their first 5 years. Have mortgage experience and drive? The sky is the limit!