Common Questions

Do I have to go through a bunch of hoops to work there?

Better lace up your Jordan’s, the answer is yes. At Treadstone our culture is a big deal. We want to ensure that the people we hire are a great fit for us, and that we are a great fit for them. Our interview process reflects that. Successful applicants will go through 4 rounds of interviews before starting their first day:
-Phone Interview
-1st Interview (in person or zoom)
-2nd Interview (in person or zoom)
-3rd Interview to discuss salary/benefits/offer

Does Treadstone provide opportunities for growth?

Yes. We do a lot of catered, vitamin-rich lunches and have a sunny rooftop deck to ensure that all of our employees can grow. Seriously though, we promote from within and employees who start in our entry-level roles have over 8 opportunities for growth in their first 5 years. Have mortgage experience and drive? The sky is the limit.

I just submitted my application, what should I expect?

We typically respond personally to all inquiries within 3 business days to let you know if we intend to proceed with the interview process.

What if I really really really want to join your team but I don’t have mortgage experience?

We really really really want and need great people who can grow with us. With that being said, if you do not have experience, our available roles are entry level. We typically hire for non mortgage experienced roles in the fall and winter.

Am I allowed to cook fish in the microwave?

No. We had an employee do this once and it smelled gross. Just kidding, you can… but do it at your own risk. Eating tinned fish in the office could be allowed assuming you are in a room with proper ventilation and you are properly able to mask the smell.

Do you have part time roles available?

At the moment we do not; however, each summer we bring on 1-2 interns or part timers to help with the influx in home purchases.

Do I need a license to work at Treadstone?

Certain roles here do require an NMLS license. Don’t let that stop you from applying – we typically promote people into licensed roles, and if that is where your career takes you, we will pay for you to study and get licensed.

I watched your videos online, is that stuff staged or is that really a normal day?

Although we primarily shot those videos to become instafamous – yes, that is really day to day at Treadstone. Although our fun catered lunches, yoga, and other tomfoolery doesn’t happen every single day, there are always yummy snacks/drinks available to employees and as much espresso, coffee and soda water as you can drink. Even our remote work from home employees come into the office when they can to partake in the action.

I have been in the mortgage industry for years, what makes Treadstone different?

We suck less. But seriously – we are locally owned and operated. Our business primarily comes from our past clients, Realtor referrals and our friends in the community – they come to us because they trust us, and this makes the entire transaction more enjoyable for both them and our employees.

We are a mortgage company with a personality and we aren’t trying to send all of our customers to the internet to get a loan. We will actually meet you face to face – no rocket to the moon required!

What is Treadstone’s 5 year plan?

After 16 years in business, in 2019, our management team got together and made a plan for the future. We decided that we would grow to $1 billion dollars in sales in the state of Michigan – this would be through promoting from within and cultivating the next generation in amazing loan officers and support staff. We also decided to have more fun at the office!

Is the mortgage industry stable?

Short answer, at most companies no it isn’t. Long answer, the industry as a whole is extremely stable and lucrative for those who work hard. We do not lay people off based on when they were hired, great people who work hard and innovate always have secure jobs here. We are big on cross training and ensuring that our people can perform multiple roles. Our owners and managers always makes the right decisions, but not always the easy ones, to ensure the long term viability of our brand.

What’s the dress code?

This is something we will discuss on your first day!