The Enlightened Home Owner

At Treadstone, we believe the true journey of home ownership never ends. As your biggest investment and source of wealth accumulation, learning to strategically manage your home can improve you and your family’s lives. Being educated and informed about the local estate market and the everchanging mortgage landscape is crucial to maximizing your investment. We like to call this enlightened home ownership.

We are passionate about creating a legacy of not only helping people become home owners, but helping our clients be enlightened home owners. As a Grand Rapids mortgage lender, we invest in our clients and their futures by investing in tools, software, and educational opportunities to keep them at the forefront of the constantly evolving real estate market. These tools are carefully curated to make being an enlightened home owner easier — and we proudly offer them at no cost to our clients.

The quality of our clients’ lives is our biggest investment.

Updater Software

An invite-only app for making your Michigan move as easy as possible by allowing you to organize and complete all your moving tasks in one place.

Loan Officer For Life

We’re here to help, even after closing! A mortgage is new to you, but we do this all the time, so when you have questions about escrows, insurance, tax bills and more—you can call us anytime, free of charge!

Annual Financial Review

Any client can request a personal financial review with their Michigan Loan Officer. We aren’t financial advisors but we look at a lot of personal finances every day.

City Guides

Discover (or re-discover) hidden gems and timeless classics in your backyard with our guides on what to do, where to shop, what to eat, and how to live.

Homebot Software

Homebot accurately tracks the wealth you have stored in your homes by analyzing home sale prices and other statistics.

Trusted Connections

Your Loan Officer can connect you with top area home experts to make your first few years in your new neighborhood as seamless as possible: contractors, painters, appraisers, interior designers, financial advisors, the list goes on!

Educational Classes

To make you a more successful home owner, and all-around human. Past classes include: interior design trends, enhancing your home wine experience, financial planning, outdoor kids activities and more! All with top experts.