The 3x3 Technique

The Strategy:

1. Time block 15 minutes every work day in your calendar—label it 3×3

2. Every day find 3 listings:

  • 1 that has been on the market for 1–3 days
  • 1 that has been on the market for 4–10 days
  • 1 that has been on the market for 11+ days

3. Choose 3 people in your database to communicate each listing to

This requires critical thinking! The better the match, the more likely you will succeed in peaking their interest. The content of your communication should match the reason from the above list or one of your own that made you send them the property.

  • Past clients who bought in the recent competitive market of 2017–2022 who like their homes, but don’t love them.
  • People who live in the same neighborhood or general area as the listing you are about to send (they may have family looking to move to the area, or just be interested to know a about a nearby property).
  • People who you know can afford or are looking for investment opportunities (vacation rentals, duplexes, house hacking, etc).
  • People you know have kids going to college in a certain area who might want to buy their house then rent to their friends.


What This Does:

  • It shows clients that you have your thumb on the pulse of the market.
  • It keeps you in touch with relevant non-spammy information.
  • It stirs up interest in real estate. Many people just aren’t thinking about new houses, but we all know they are watching real estate shows on Netflix and scrolling Zillow when they’re bored. Tap into this excitement and take control.
  • It puts you in the drivers seat. When you are the one that presents someone with an opportunity they won’t shop you.


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