Julie Smith Client Reviews

“We worked with Julie Smith for our mortgage. She went out of her way to make sure we had everything we needed and got everything we wanted as well. It was quick and easy and well worth it to go through a mortgage company to make the whole process less stressful.”
— J.R. (June 2022)

“Julie and the rest of the Treadstone team were wonderful during our home purchasing journey. They were quick to respond and kept us updated on what was going on through the whole process.”
— Luke D. (June 2022) 

“I would highly recommend Treadstone Funding. Julie Smith, was a pleasure to deal with. She quickly responded to our many inquiries. Don’t go anywhere else.”
— John S. (May 2022)

“Julie Smith is the rockstar you need in your life! This lady needs to be recognized by Forbes magazine, by going to lengths unheard of by mortgage lenders with speed and ample behavior! My wife and I found the house of our dreams! Previously going through a different lender, that lender created hiccups and unwanted stress with longer closing dates than what we received from Julie. We were recommended Julie from our Realtor and good friend and in no time, Julie provided a sense of security and made all things possible!Recommend by my family to everyone for years to come!”
— Ryan (May 2022)

“Julie and her team were great to work with! Very responsive, willing to go above and beyond in the process. Helped me get approved and closed quickly. Highly recommended!”
— Andrew B. (May 2022)

“Amazing company! Julie Smith is the best. Quick to close, they always communicate what is needed and provide you updates along the way.”
— J.G. (February 2022)

“Highly recommend! Everyone I worked with was efficient and friendly. My first-time refinancing and it went very smooth. Thank you, Julie!”
— Janell F. (February 2022)

“Julie Smith is one of the most responsive, patient, and organized Loan Officers I have ever worked with. As a Realtor who has worked on a fair number of transactions, I was really impressed by the time she takes to prepare and explain the loan process to the buyer. As a result, we recently went from purchase agreement to clear to close in just over two weeks. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Her team gets it done.”
— Claire K. (January 2022)

“Working with Julie Smith and Katie Waldmiller was a pleasure. They answered all my questions really quick. Julie also taught me some information about refinancing a mortgage.”
— Michael C. (January 2022)

“Julie from Treaddstone was amazing. Without her we would have never been able to buy our home.”
— Joshua C. (December 2021)

"Julie Smith is the rockstar you need in your life!"