Jen Aalderink Client Reviews

“Jen is AMAZING! Easy to work with, helpful, and professional. Great customer service!”
— Veronica B. (June 2022)

“Jen is so helpful and kind. She is strategic and helps you make the best decision possible!”
— Susan K. (June 2022)

“Jen Aalderink has many years of experience in the mortgage industry! She will walk you through the process step by step…and know that she has you and your family’s best interest in mind to lock in a mortgage to purchase your dream home…or refinance for some savings!!”
— Kathy U. (June 2022)

“Jen Aalderink is knowledgeable, helpful, and super friendly!!!”
— Jacqueline F. (June 2022)

"She has you
and your family's best interest in mind."