National Lobster Day: Our new favorite holiday in Grand Rapids

We bet you didn’t know that June 15 is National Lobster Day! We love finding reasons to celebrate, and found out that there is in fact a National Lobster Day and it’s this weekend. We came up with a list of places in Grand Rapids that serve Lobster so you can celebrate with us and those scrumptious crustaceans!

  1. Cygnus 27: They have lobster cakes! YUM!
  2. Uncle Cheetah’s Soup shop: Their menu lists lobster bisque. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.
  3. Charley’s Crab: You can go all out here and order both lobster bisque and lobster tails!
  4. Leo’s: Start your meal with a lobster and shrimp cake and end it with them cooking you a LIVE Maine Lobster or Lobster tails. Talk about fresh!
  5. Ruth’s Chris: Try the spicy lobster appetizer and then order the fresh lobster or Caribbean lobster tails for your main course.

Treadstone Mortgage lobster 300x300 National Lobster Day: Our new favorite holiday in Grand Rapids

If you would rather celebrate by trying to cook a lobster yourself there is an easy Grilled Lobster recipe on Martha Stewart’s website. We have also pinned in it on our Pinterest if you follow us on there. This recipe would make a GREAT main course for Father’s Day if you haven’t finalized your plans yet. Your Dad would be thrilled to be spoiled with such an awesome meal! Plus you would celebrate two holidays at a time. How fun!

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