Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013: Because the hardest part is figuring out what to give him

Do you have a Dad in your family who just goes out and buys himself everything he wants and leaves you nothing to buy him for Father’s Day? We have just the list for you! There are gifts for every taste and we are here to give you some great ideas based on your Dad’s interests:

Treadstone Mortgage fathersday 300x300 Fathers Day Gift Guide 2013: Because the hardest part is figuring out what to give him

The Cook: Get your Dad an AWESOME bamboo cutting board set. This set is super durable, made from organic bamboo, and is easy to clean. The guy that loves to cook will enjoy this set.

The Executive: Are you trying to really blow Father’s day out of the water this year? Is it a special year because he recently became a Grandfather, then this watch is the gift! Stainless steel and diamonds goes with every occasion. Really want to outdo a brother who always gets dad a better gift? Check out a watch that is unbeatable here.

The Gardener:  For the Dad who is an avid gardener, this 10 piece set is a must. It will keep all his gardening tools together in one convenient spot. This set is also very inexpensive so you could always buy some plants or seeds to go with to complete the gift.

The Star Wars Fan: Okay so your Dad doesn’t have to be the super fan to enjoy this gift, every guy likes Star Wars right? This book is the complete guide to everything Star Wars. Guys of all ages will love this guide.

The Coffee Drinker:  If your Dad doesn’t have a Keurig, father’s day is the best time to buy one! These are fun and easy to use; you can either buy the different k-cups or buy the reusable and fill with your own coffee.

The Chess Player: This chess set is by far the coolest set we’ve ever seen! It has a hand painted dragon on the side and Asian Warriors as the pieces. There are drawers in the base to store your pieces in.

The Sports Fan: Garden gnomes are all the rage, why not get your Dad sports themed Gnome? Find the perfect one for your Dad!

The Gamer: If your Dad has an IPad and loves games, why not get him an IPad Joy stick. This gadget turns the IPad into an old school Arcade Game.

The Hunter: Every hunter would enjoy a gift that keeps his hands warm while he’s out in the woods. These hand-warmers are sure to do the trick and it’s a pack of 10 so the whole family can hunt together and stay warm!

If you still need ideas here are a couple of our favorite sites for getting gifts for guys:




We’ve got you thinking about Father’s Day gifts early, so you are sure to find the perfect gift for your Dad this year! Stay tuned for our guide for What do Do for Father’s Day in Grand Rapids 2013.

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