After You Move in 101: How to Throw the Perfect House Warming Party

You just moved into your first home and you want to celebrate! Why not throw a house warming party? Back in the days before central heating, a house warming party did just that. It warmed the house. Each guest would bring a gift of firewood to get your fire going and heat your home. Times have changed and now you just want to share your home with your friends.

Treadstone Mortgage celebrate newhome 300x300 After You Move in 101: How to Throw the Perfect House Warming Party

First you need to figure out the perfect time to have your party. You will most likely want to throw it within the first three months of living in your home, but depending on how long you take to unpack and get settled into your new home you might want to throw it on the later end of that.

Figuring out a meal plan will be easy if you make the party more of a cocktail evening. All you need for a good cocktail party are drinks and appetizers. If you aren’t a good cook you could always throw an appetizer pot luck housewarming party, then most of the work will be done for you! For the drinks, you can keep it easy and do beer and wine with maybe one specialty cocktail creatively named the “your name cocktail”. If you are looking into having your party catered check out Martha’s Vineyard in Grand Rapids, they have great catering options. Another crowd pleaser if you want to spice it up is pit-stop BBQ catering in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sending out invites for parties is a breeze these days. No longer do you need to fill out invites, stuff envelopes, and lick stamps. Just hop onto Facebook or an Evite website, fill it out and send them off. If you have some people coming who don’t use technology as much you may want to call and invite them personally.

You won’t need to pull out party decorations for this party. Your home is the star. Don’t do any extra decorating, just show off your home. A cute idea might be to give people the “grand tour” as they come in the door to your party.

Buying your first home is a great reason to celebrate and party. Having a house warming party is a good way to show off your home to all your friends and family. You just moved, so don’t overdo it and put a lot of work into it. Keep it simple and enjoy!

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