April Showers Bring May Flowers…SO Make a Garden since we have all this rain anyways!

Did you know: Gardens and proper landscaping increase home value and your home’s curb appeal?

April is a great time to start thinking about what your yard looks like. We’ve got a lot of rain, so anytime you have a break in the clouds, get out there and get working in your yard! April is a good time to work on that curb appeal by landscaping or adding  garden(s). Planting flowers, trees, and shrubs is an inexpensive way to increase your home value. According to Bob Vila “excellent landscaping can increase your home value 10-25%.” That’s a HUGE increase in value!  Whether you are just looking to beautify your home, or you looking to increase value, landscaping and gardening make a huge difference.

Treadstone Mortgage april 300x300 April Showers Bring May Flowers…SO Make a Garden since we have all this rain anyways!

If you’re looking to do a landscaping project on a budget, not only are plants an inexpensive investment, if you plant trees strategically they can reduce your utility costs. During the summer trees can provide shade and actually help your home to stay cooler.

Plant trees on the west side of your home to cool it off in the summer.  In the winter trees can stop some of the wind, lessening the drafts in your home.  Shrubs are good to plant around your yard to block out wind in the winter.

If you are selling your home and want to increase your property value, never plant something distracting right in front of the door or porch. You want to invite people in, and if you have something blocking the view it might deter them.

The best way to start in making your home more inviting to potential buyers is to clean up what you have. Get out there and trim shrubs, pull weeds, edge your lawn. Then if you go the extra step and plant some flowers around the edge, your home will be inviting. The outside is the first thing that a potential buyer will see and you want to lure them in with your landscaping.

If you just do not know where to start here is a list of local places in West Michigan to go to for ideas:

Kent Garden Club

Lowes: Handy guide for how to pick plants:

Home Depot

Also if you are a visual learner check out Pinterest.  Pinterest has amazing ideas for gardening and landscaping. Ideas for how to improve your yard is a click away. Why are you still sitting here reading blogs? Get to it! If you start now, you will have a beautiful yard just in time to celebrate Earth Day.

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